Bide Qi water heater is hot sell for 15 consecutive years in more than 20
countries in Europe and America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East

Bide Qi has become one of the most professional production
base in Guangdong in water heater industry

Let each franchisee Bedi Qi dealer quickly realized capital returns and maximize profits,
really enjoy the whole one-stop brand marketing services

Brand advantage:

Bide Qi focus on the water heater industry for nearly 20 years. Products exported to many countries around the world, with good quality Bide Qi water heaters have been sold overseas.

R & D advantages:

Bide Qi has the industry's cutting-edge technology development team and equipment has a number of water heater innovative technologies, and to ensure product quality;

Product features differentiated competitive advantage:

A number of innovative technology, product differentiation advantages, in order to truly meet the competitive needs of the market!

Sales guidance, training advantages:

Has a 50-person sales team, we have 20 years of experience in water heater marketing and improved marketing system, easy to replicate success stories

Product warranty sales advantages:

Professional support for in-store marketing manager, ensure Bide Qi products quickly to seize the local market.。

No after sales service worry advantages:

To join hands with Chinese UNPROFOR, with 5,000 service outlets network resources to provide high-quality fast service and professional technical support.

High profit advantage:

Bide Qi brand with quality and service brands into the market, but supply to the third and fourth line brand price, thus maximizing ensure the dealers profit margins, higher profits than other brands about 10% to 20%, and more adapt business operations at the county level, township areas;

Regional protection Advantages:

Bide Qi and dealers have common operating philosophy, exclusive dealing operation to crack down on cross-regional sales! Once found, severely punished! (There are clearly defined in the contract);



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